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I believe it’s important to always diversify your investments and to manage a portfolio that mitigates risk. Read on to know more about the things I do.

Real Estate

I invest in great real estate opportunities around the country. Initially, I started out as a realtor and I slowly made my way to brokering and organizing larger deals until I could start building my own real estate portfolio.

Direct Lending

Another way I interact with the real estate market is by directly financing certain fix & flip projects and other investment opportunities where you could require financing and aren’t able to get it from banks.

Life Coaching

Aside from real estate investments, I have also put in a great deal of time helping motivate people who want to learn the secret methods that have helped me and countless others like them become successful entrepreneurs and employees.

My Journey

To success

I started from nothing and managed to make myself into one of the most active entrepreneurs in the United States. With a large portfolio of real estate, stocks, and other investments in brick & mortar businesses, I’ve managed to create a plethora of knowledge. I do the following things and more to maintain my competitive edge;

  • Life Coach
  • Direct Lending
  • Real Estate Deals
  • Investment Consultation
  • Stock Investment
  • General businesses

Who is Aria Seif?

A renowned investor in real estate that started off from the humble backgrounds of a realtor, Aria Seif Consultant is a leading advisor to some of the biggest players in the Real Estate Market. Thanks to his insights, there are deals being made every day. Some of those deals come from his time as Aria Seif American Lender, where he provided direct loans to people who were looking for a way to finance their business ventures.

Why you should work with Aria Seif American Lender.

Aria Seif Consultant is one of the leading real estate developers and out there. His work in Real Estate is only one of the corner stones in his crown however. Another great milestone is the establishment of Amir Seif Direct Lender, which facilitates small realtors that are aiming to make a name in the Real Estate Market but require business loans. Aria came to America from humble beginnings to make a name for himself. And he has done so by using his knowledge as a realtor, an investor, a developers and a direct lender to keep his growth going strong despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and other key economic factors.

Thanks to his contributions to the lives of several uninformed business owners, he has managed to improve the way they do business by helping them understand the areas they are lacking in. This is a part of his life coaching services which are meant only for those who deserve to rise to the top of their respective industries. With a plethora of tactics and motivational techniques, Aria Seif has helped several people just like you! By signing up for his classes, anyone from a simple waitress to a struggling sole business owner can improve the way they view life and the influence of smart business decisions on the aforementioned life.

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    I had a lot of fun being able to work with Aria. He was able to guide me on how I could become a millionaire in my two years after graduation. Without his life advice and keen analysis of what I was doing wrong, I’d still be spending my time at frat houses.

    Emmet O’NeilReal Estate Agent

    Getting a business loan from banks was one of the hardest things to do, and despite spending 3 months they did not even respond to tell me it got rejected. Instead of letting the opportunity pass me by a second time, I contacted Aria and today I’ve repaid the loan and I’m debt free!

    Natalie EdwardsInterior Designer / Entrepreneur

    Despite having a lot of money, I wasn’t sure what to do with it until I approached Aria Seif to help me manage my investment portfolio. I now hold a healthy amount of real estate as well as long term and short term stocks.

    Eve CrawfordHeiress & Real Estate Entrepreneur

    Aria was a great help to my social media strategy and my investment portfolio. I don’t know where I’d be without his regular guidance to give me motivation and direction.

    Jennifer WilliamsSocial Media Influencer & Stock Investor

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