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After Covid-19, there have been several new industries and markets popping up around the globe that are focused on providing digital assets in return for capital. Examples of such markets include cryptocurrency, digital real estate, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Of course, there are more options out there. But today, were going to talk about 3 reasons why actual Real Estate is the best and safest investment in times of economic turmoil.

1.    Real Estate is Tangible

One of the first reasons why investing in real estate is a great option is a very obvious one; Real Estate is a tangible asset which can both depreciate and appreciate in value. This means that even if the value fluctuates, there are more than a few ways to identify just how much real estate you have.  This is a great reason to invest in real estate because even when you’re earning less than you put in, you can still control the asset.

2.    The Real Estate Market Is Stable

Compared to digital assets, and even when looked at independently, many experts would very confidently say that events similar to the crash of 2008 are more than unlikely to reoccur. Thanks to the various safeguards put in place by the United States Government, the Real Estate Market has become stable and has also brought responsible lending practices into place. With the above facts in mind, many investors should be able to confidently invest in a piece of real estate without having to worry about the entire market crashing while they’re asleep.

3.    Real Estate rarely depreciates

Although it’s not written in stone, it rarely so happens that the price of real estate would go down, and even when it does there’s a very miniscule chance that your property won’t be able to sell. When real estate prices have dropped, it’s often been by a margin of 1 or 2% which can be recovered by being a little smart when it comes to negotiations. And of course, if you find market conditions unfavorable, you can always hold out for a little while longer knowing that your asset is neither going anywhere, nor is the world going to lose its appreciation for it.

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