Hello, I’m



I believe in total transparency with customers, and especially partners.


The best deals are made after sleepless nights and a lot of coffee.


Out of the box thinking is always a given when working with me.

Well Connected

In the business world, your intentions matter almost as much as your connections.

Words To Live By

The more you work in silence, the more noise your success makes.

Be loud. Be inspired. Work Silently.


I Work In

I believe it’s important to always diversify your investments and to manage a portfolio that mitigates risk. Read on to know more about the things I do.

Real Estate

I invest in great real estate opportunities around the country. Initially, I started out as a realtor and I slowly made my way to brokering and organizing larger deals until I could start building my own real estate portfolio.

Direct Lending

Another way I interact with the real estate market is by directly financing certain fix & flip projects and other investment opportunities where you could require financing and aren’t able to get it from banks.

Life Coaching

Aside from real estate investments, I have also put in a great deal of time to help motivate and guide people who want to become like me.