Aria Seif is one of the most experienced real estate agents I’ve ever met while working in Orange County. Generally, he’s very patient. But he’s also a no filter kind of guy when it comes to work. I definitely recommend working with him if you’re all about the deal and have no need to waste time.

Patricia Wilson

Aria and I have been collaborating on small fix and flip projects for the last five years now, I’ve never heard him say “we can do that tomorrow” or “I’m tired”. He always believes in getting the ball rolling today rather than tomorrow.

Richard Wright

I used to be so insecure and filled with self-doubt before I met Aria and got the chance to be his apprentice. Although he doesn’t give mentorship programs to just anyone, he saw something in me that even I didn’t realize. Today, I’m working as a real estate agent and a contractor with Aria, and I couldn’t have gotten here without him. It’s been a hell of a journey.

Scott Robinson

I have never ever gotten a credit score, or managed by banking to get the right FICO scores. So when I had to find an investor I was facing a lot of difficulty. But I knew that my plan would eventually work out, and luckily Aria saw that too. Without his financial support I’d be stuck frying burgers, and I will be eternally grateful for his help and advice.

Andrew Green