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According to PwC, Life Coaching is considered the second-fastest growing industry in the world. With an estimated 5,86,292 currently active coaches, these life experts help people by sharing their valuable experiences and guiding them through the future. Since the 1980s life coaching has become well known with its fair share of myths and beliefs which are misconstrued.

Here are Five Facts About Life Coaches That Will Shock You.

They Are Always With You

Once you are in cahoots with a life coach, they become your pen pal. This will not be a situation where you have a single appointment and then are left with advice or homework for the next several weeks. You and your life coach will be in contact through and through until you reach your objective/ goal. At the minimum you will be asked to meet once-a-week, virtually or in person. And in between, you will be communicating through either chat messages or e-mails.

They Keep An Eye On Your Mental & Physical Health

You might have figured this out already or you might not be aware of this, but life coaches do actively look out for your mental health. Other than making sure that you stay motivated and keep moving on the right path, there are also specific health coaches as well. These coaches will monitor your diet, physical activities, and daily routine. While also coaching you on how to stay mentally stable and fit through meditation, yoga, or writing.

They Can Give You A New Perspective

Thinking outside of the box can be hard sometimes, so it’s easier to ask someone with a different perspective. Life coaches have knowledge that can help you with issues that you may encounter or have encountered in your journey. Most of the time when you are on your own, you can become overwhelmed without the proper knowledge regarding obstacles you are facing. By providing you with an objective view of how they see you solving the problem, they can improve your productivity and help you get past problems that would otherwise take you weeks.

They Can Help You Explore Your Inner Self

Exploring your own ideals and mindset can be difficult sometimes if you are unsure of what you want to do, or what questions to ask yourself. A life coach can help you brainstorm, or ask the necessary questions which you wouldn’t otherwise. This can help improve your approach toward completing your goals and can help you reflect on your ability and skill to go where you want to go.

You Can Confide In Them

Whether you want to share your private thoughts or information with a coach, you will be building an honest relationship with your life coach. This is necessary and recommended, as proper communication can help both parties in giving and relaying information. With that, your coach will be able to properly guide you and help you with their knowledge and experience towards accomplishing your goals.


A life coach can be a beneficial tool for your development and one of the best resources for anyone looking for success. They properly research your character and come up with new ways to utilize your talents and skill or bring light to your potential that you were unaware of.

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