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Working with Aria has been the experience of a lifetime! Thanks to his wise words and level headed thinking, we were able to offload a property I was having trouble selling for over 6 months. Despite it needing a little fixing, Aria was able to get the deal completed within almost a month, making us a little over $2700 each.

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Aria Seif – Self Made Entrepreneur, Investor, Realtor, & More.

When I first arrived in the United States, I had nothing to my name. All I could do was to work for the dream I wanted to realize and believe that I would eventually make it to where I am today. After almost a lifetime of struggle and hard work; I am one of the most prominent Real Estate Agents in my State. Aside from a real estate brokerage, I have set up businesses that cater to key areas in the same industry such as Interior Designs, and Direct Mortgage Lending for Fix and Flip Projects.

I am also a key advisor to some of the wealthiest individuals out there regarding areas of investment such as stocks and prime Real Estate projects. To get here, I’ve had to balance my hunger for work and the need to socialize. This socialization has helped me create a network of various individuals that are players in key markets around the United States.

After nearly 7 years in the market, I have 3 offices that serve as the base of operations for multiple businesses run or owned by me. I also own and hold key properties that can be sold off for profit.

Upcoming Projects

Size: 50002­­­­­­­ yds
Nature Of Project: I have bought and begun renovations on a 50002­­­­­­­ yds. Residential estate that is located in the center of an undisclosed city. This property will serve as a great home to my buyer who has given me plans for landscaping and interior designs.

Location: Undisclosed

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as Realtor Entrepreneur Investment Advisor for you.

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