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Ever since March 2020, the world has changed so much in order to adapt to the various problems that were always present but became unbearable following covid-19. Initially, people were wishing that the world returns to the same cycle it was stuck in without any change. But as time went on and issues of social injustice, economic waste, and environmental damage were discussed more seriously, there are many that say Covid-19 will help the world improve in several ways including improvements to our social system, and improvements to global supply chains for a more sustainable future.

Today, we’re going to talk about 2 ways that covid-19 has helped the world move forward, and how it life will be like in the not so distant future.

1.   Sustainable Supply Chains

After a global supply and demand shock threw the world into chaos many individuals including prominent business owners, political leaders, and common consumers agreed that the global and local supply chains of the future need to be flexible so that any more sudden change does not cause everything to come to a halt. But at the same time, there were people who believe that it should be done in a way that doesn’t cause excess wastage simply for the reason that the machine should never stop.

2.   Increased Social Justice

Covid-19 was a great stressor for many people. Both in America and in other countries as well. And the murder of George Floyd sparked a revolution in the US that demanded equality for African Americans. Followed by this outcry, many groups of people in several countries began demanding rights such as equal pay, fair government representation, improved universal access to healthcare, etc. There seems to be no reason that this must stop once covid-19 has passed.

Outlook for the future

For many, a post covid-19 world is filled with several significant changes to our social systems, and to the way employees are treated as well. It would not be possible to list every change that could come about as a result of the pandemic, but there are certain things like better employment rights that will have positive results on an incalculable scale. So far, the outlook for the world after covid-19 includes many other positive aspects as well.

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